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Welcome to Spike's "New" Website
Published by Spike 07/09/2019

Welcome to my "new" website.

This is one of my first website templates that I have ever used, and id does not translate well into the modern age. It's original designs go back to about 2006 and has been repurposed since, also being used as a template in other websites that I was contracted or hired to work on. It's tried and true but not on today's technology. Why? Because I'm lazy. And it's mine. Sorry if you're looking at this on a mobile phone (you probably are). I'm working on something new and mobile-friendly, but it'll take time.

Back Online After Several Years
After several years of being offline, this website is now back up and running to a degree. There are a few things that I have yet to work out, find some older modules that work with the current web server (it's difficult to get anything old running on something new), and need to work out some bugs in the code. I work a full time job, have other obligations that I have to attend to, several projects in the works, and have a bunch of other things that need done before my poor old neglected website gets the attention it deserves. It'll take some time.

Why It Went Offline
Due to problems with a prior employer that I choose not to get into nor identify, there were some reasons that I had to remove the website from the public eye. Several things on other websites were also removed due to the problems encountered. Now that I am no longer in that situation, I am able to use the website once again. Yes, I've been paying for the server space ever since to host virtually nothing except a blank page that said "website offline". That is no longer the case at all. I will be adding content to this website, working on a new design, and trying to make this website fun again. It's been years, hence why I'm still using such an old website template, but I promise something new is on the way. I just can't say when.

Content Development
Published by Spike 07/09/2019

New Website Design Planned
I just got this back online using an old template with one of my original designs, and it was immediately after Anthrocon 2019 when I started working on it. Give me some time, and I will have a new website online that is desktop and mobile friendly.

What's Here on This Website?
Not much. There's a lot missing, a lot that I'm not going to bother with due to the website going to be redeveloped, and a few other older things that won't be coming back. Browse using the navigation bar on the left, and see what all is here. Don't be surprised if you get a 404 error or some weird glitch -- I'm working on it. It'll take me time.



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